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We are committed to render comprehensive range of services to our clients. We cater to the needs of Pharmaceutical companies, Herbal companies, Diabetes products Manufacturers, Aphrodisiac Manufacturers and others. With the endeavor to serve our clients, we offer our following services to them

Cultivation services:

      Client can start cultivation of Medicinal Plants under our guidance. Our own agri graduated persons provide them major or minor information regarding       medicinal plants through our Literature & Products. We completely assist them from field till market place.

Investments in Cultivation:

      Clients can Invest their money/time & feelings with us and become farming process of Medicinal plants. They can enjoy all the benefits with us.

Custom synthesis:

      Supplying Bioactive Herbal extracts in large scale for Healthcare industries. Bulk Herbal raw materials supplier for Health care industries.

Process Development:

      Perform feasibility studies, identify the most effective scale up approach, optimize process yields, minimize or eliminate impurities or unwanted side stream       compounds, define and implement scale up parameters.

Raw Material Selection:

      Using our vast knowledge we were cultivating organic herbs, selecting from the best source, verifying identity, analyzing active compounds. Accessing a       network of raw material suppliers maintaining utmost quality in the selection process .

Suppliers of Extracts for Cosmetic Industries:

      Natural botanical extracts are used in shampoos, soaps, dusting powders, skin lotions, toothpastes, wound healing lotions, relieves sore eyes, clears skin of       blemishes, heals skin, prevents hair loss, skin creams, hair oils.